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Schnauzer Friends for Rescue and Adoption is an all-volunteer, non-profit (501c3) organization of Miniature Schnauzer lovers that began saving lives by working with shelters and stray animal population reduction through spay/neuter programs in 1996.  Now covering parts of Ohio, Kentucky, southern Indiana and southern Michigan, SFRA began with only a few admirers of the breed and by taking in only a few rescues at a time.  SFRA has remained steadfast in its commitment over the years to save as many lives as possible and to spread the word of the emotional fulfillment in adoption and the joys of the Miniature Schnauzer breed.
SFRA works tirelessly to match each rescued Miniature Schnauzer to the perfect adoptive home.  Each rescued dog is brought up to date on vaccinations, checked for heartworms and put on preventative, checked for other parasites, spayed or neutered, microchipped, and has other necessary medical procedures performed.  Each dog is fostered in a loving foster home and offered medical rehabilitation, housebreaking and socialization skills, and given the chance to learn to trust again.  Prospective homes are carefully screened to match the needs of each individual rescued dog in order to provide the new forever home not only with the best companionship, but also to best meet the needs of the dog.

The average rescued Miniature Schnauzer is between four and seven years old.  We occasionally have a puppy and usually have a waiting list for them.  Flexibility in requirements on the part of an adopter means a shorter wait in adopting.  Reasons why dogs are surrendered to shelters or directly to SFRA are many and varied.  Most are not the dogs’ fault and SFRA does not feel that our dogs are “throwaway” or temporary fixtures in a family.  We absolutely believe that each of our dogs will make a wonderful addition to most homes.  It is SFRA’s goal to find the right home for that dog.

Our adoption fee is $250 for each dog, with a Seniors to Seniors Program available.  Very often, this adoption fee does not cover the expenses incurred for a rescued dog.  SFRA is not associated with any other rescue or any parent organization.  For that reason, SFRA is solely dependent upon generous public donations through PayPal, direct donations or donations of gift cards to pet stores for goods and food, fundraisers through Gift Shoppe purchases, Ebay auctions, and those attending our annual fundraiser, Midwest SchnauzerFest (September 2008).  So…sit back and visit us often….see who’s available for adoption, who’s been adopted, and see some of our successes.  We’re pawsitive you’ll like what you see!
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