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Feel free to contact the foster parent listed in the rescue’s bio for more information about that dog, BUT the FIRST step to any adoption is the completion and submission of our online application.  Please CLICK HERE to complete our application to adopt.
Most of the time, the adoption fee an adopter pays does not cover the cost of the medical care these little ones need when we get them. Most need to be spayed or neutered, updated on all of their shots, and tested for heartworm.  Some are sick due to improper care and need to be on medication or have other surgeries, which can be very costly. Thanks to your generosity, we can save another life and get him or her placed in a loving environment. To Sponsor a Rescue please click on the PayPal Button beneath the Rescue you wish to sponsor.  It will take you to the PayPal log-in screen.  The dog's name is filled in for you and you can complete the amount you wish to donate to help us out.  Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and commitment to rescue.
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Special Needs Dogs Have Love to Give, Too.

Meet Rusty
aka Vinnie
UPDATE:  Vinnie passed away in early August 2012.  We extend our sympathies to Laura on her loss and accolades to her for giving Vinnie an awesome life with great quality, caring, and much love.  God speed little one. 

Vinny was one of our rescues.  Although Vinny has already been adopted, we are posting him on this page as a representive of all Special Needs Dogs out there.  Even a Special Needs Dog deserves a forever home, and even a Special Needs Dog can provide lots, and lots of love to his/her people. 

This is a testimonial letter we received from the adoptee of Vinny.

Hi Nancy,

I think we have written back and forth before about his health issues with diabetes and his eyes. Just to update you, he has had diabetes for a couple years now. He is doing very well, with the exception of his eyes.  Anyway what happened is, he got cataracts and within about a month of that I took him down to Ohio State Veterinary College. Unfortunately, they said he was not a good candidate for surgery, so at that time I was just given drops for his eyes. In a few months when we went for a re-check his eyes had gotten worse and they recommended completely removing them. They were bright red and looked swollen to me and basically were so inflamed that they were probably hurting him. It was a hard decision to make since I knew I would miss looking into his beautiful eyes, but we went ahead for his sake and took out both eyes. He was already blind, so it didn't really matter. Now he is doing just perfect.  He gets around the house and yard, and in and out of the doggie door so well no one would know that he can't see. He has extreme sensitivity outside when we our on our walks to miss obstacles and change course so easily and is keyed to my voice so well all I have to do is say whoa and he shifts his direction.

What I wanted everyone to know is that a blind dog that has to get shots twice a day is really no problem at all.  He is very easy to take care of and not seeing has not changed his personality. He still will play and wrestle with the other dogs and comes gets his loving when needed. Only thing he can't do is jump up and down from the couch or bed and yet he has done that once in a thunderstorm when he wanted down. Everything has worked out pretty good...except for my credit card of course. The operation was about $1000.00.

Hope everything is going well for the rescue group.
Take care,
Laura J.
Interested in one of them?
That long wagging tail says it all! Waylon is the happiest guy you could ever meet. There is simply none better--He always has a smile and wags to greet you and asks only for hugs and sweet talk. He's a terrific guy and is excited to be looking for his forever home. He's a laid back kind of guy who explores his yard, checks in to see how his foster mom and dad are doing, then just chills. His playful side is coming out in foster care and you will find him checking out the toy box for something to squeak and chew.

He is about 7 years old, up to date on vaccinations, neutered, microchipped, and excited to be looking for his home. Is that home yours?

For more information, email Waylon's foster mom, Susan, in Lexington, KY at saveaschnauzer@yahoo.com or the first step to any adoption is to complete the online application to adopt by clicking here
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This young fellow is Gravey.  He's been with us a short while now and we've completed his vetting and he's had a spa day at the groomer.   He's a younger fellow around 4 years old, up to date, neutered, microchipped.  He is enjoying his time in his foster home with his foster brother and mom.  He's made some trips to the local dog park and made some new doggie friends and adjusted easily into the routine in his foster home.  Gravey does have lots of energy and needs a fenced yard to run and play in or someone committed to lots of walkies - after all a tired pup is a happy pup. 

To learn more about Gravey, email his foster mom, Lisa M. in Northern KY at lamauthe@earthlink.com or complete the application to adopt [Click Here] -- the first step in any adoption.
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