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Feel free to contact the foster parent listed in the rescue’s bio for more information about that dog, BUT the FIRST step to any adoption is the completion and submission of our online application.  Please CLICK HERE to complete our application to adopt.
Most of the time, the adoption fee an adopter pays does not cover the cost of the medical care these little ones need when we get them. Most need to be spayed or neutered, updated on all of their shots, and tested for heartworm.  Some are sick due to improper care and need to be on medication or have other surgeries, which can be very costly. Thanks to your generosity, we can save another life and get him or her placed in a loving environment. To Sponsor a Rescue please click on the PayPal Button beneath the Rescue you wish to sponsor.  It will take you to the PayPal log-in screen.  The dog's name is filled in for you and you can complete the amount you wish to donate to help us out.  Thank you in advance for your thoughtfulness and commitment to rescue.
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Special Needs Dogs Have Love to Give, Too.

Meet Rusty
aka Vinnie
UPDATE:  Vinnie passed away in early August 2012.  We extend our sympathies to Laura on her loss and accolades to her for giving Vinnie an awesome life with great quality, caring, and much love.  God speed little one. 

Vinny was one of our rescues.  Although Vinny has already been adopted, we are posting him on this page as a representive of all Special Needs Dogs out there.  Even a Special Needs Dog deserves a forever home, and even a Special Needs Dog can provide lots, and lots of love to his/her people. 

This is a testimonial letter we received from the adoptee of Vinny.

Hi Nancy,

I think we have written back and forth before about his health issues with diabetes and his eyes. Just to update you, he has had diabetes for a couple years now. He is doing very well, with the exception of his eyes.  Anyway what happened is, he got cataracts and within about a month of that I took him down to Ohio State Veterinary College. Unfortunately, they said he was not a good candidate for surgery, so at that time I was just given drops for his eyes. In a few months when we went for a re-check his eyes had gotten worse and they recommended completely removing them. They were bright red and looked swollen to me and basically were so inflamed that they were probably hurting him. It was a hard decision to make since I knew I would miss looking into his beautiful eyes, but we went ahead for his sake and took out both eyes. He was already blind, so it didn't really matter. Now he is doing just perfect.  He gets around the house and yard, and in and out of the doggie door so well no one would know that he can't see. He has extreme sensitivity outside when we our on our walks to miss obstacles and change course so easily and is keyed to my voice so well all I have to do is say whoa and he shifts his direction.

What I wanted everyone to know is that a blind dog that has to get shots twice a day is really no problem at all.  He is very easy to take care of and not seeing has not changed his personality. He still will play and wrestle with the other dogs and comes gets his loving when needed. Only thing he can't do is jump up and down from the couch or bed and yet he has done that once in a thunderstorm when he wanted down. Everything has worked out pretty good...except for my credit card of course. The operation was about $1000.00.

Hope everything is going well for the rescue group.
Take care,
Laura J.
Interested in one of them?
Lovely, lovely Alice-Alice is another that is simply a wonderful sweetheart that is having trouble understanding why she does not have a home to call her very own.  She’s been in rescue some time now and would like more than anything to have her very own home.  She’s happy and comfortable in her foster home, but it’s not the same….she asks for nothing and mostly naps all day,  Like all of our foster dogs, Alice is altered, comes with all of her vaccinations up to date, on heartworm preventative.  Alice is a Schnauzer mix, approximately 8 years old, that came to SFRA from a shelter in Western Kentucky after being picked up as a stray.  You see, Alice wandered from home but could not find her way back because she is deaf-she was unable to hear her owners calling her name when they surely searched for her.  While Alice may be deaf, she does not let that define who she is-it’s simply part of her.   She woofs to tell you it’s dinner time, goes to the door to go outside, and sleeps peacefully most of the day while she awaits someone to love her enough to give her a home for whatever time she may have left. 

If you’d like to learn more about Alice, contact her foster mom Susan, in Lexington, KY at
saveaschnauzer@yahoo.com for more information or click here to complete the online application to adopt.
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Lulu is about 9 years old and while she’s happy and loved in her foster home, she’s been wondering of late why she doesn’t have a home to call her own.   She’s a laid back gal, just completely content to cuddle in the chair with you while you watch TV or read the newspaper.  Lulu is everything you could be looking for in a companion and is a gorgeous girl, to boot!!  She does prefer a quieter home, but crates extremely well if it’s going to get rowdy or exciting!   She promises to be a very good girl and to love you always. 

If you’d like to learn more about Lulu, , please email my foster mom, Susan in Lexington, KY at saveaschnauzer@yahoo.com or click here to complete the online application to adopt
Our Sweet Sam is just the bestest little boy! And oh so handsome! Sam just wraps his paws around your heart and hugs oh, so sweetly. Little Sam is now 15 mos. old but has yet to find that special person that will look past his medical condition and give him a forever home.   Sam has "dry eye". That's to say his eyes are not producing enough tears to keep them well lubricated.  He is on a couple of medications that must be given at regular intervals throughout the day (not overnight). The medications cost approximately $100 a month. So, Sam has a couple of very specific needs.  In return for medications given regularly, he's full of loving and lives to please and loves to play with his doggy foster brothers and sisters.  The right home for Sam must be willing to take on the expense of his medications and be available to do his medications several times a day every day of the week.  Sam will make an awesome friend for someone who is willing and able to manage his medical condition.  It really is not a big inconvenience to give him the medications in return for all of his entertaining antics and playfulness, as well as his complete devotion to his mom/dad. 

If you want to learn more, you can complete the online application to adopt or contact his foster mom, Nancy in Cincinnati, OH at kismet1@fuse.net.

NOTE:  While Sam is in rescue and while he has been in rescue for the past year, his bills have gone on.  In addition to the normal things like food and toys and vaccinations, we have the bills of his monthly medications for his eyes (approx. $100 per month).  If you think he's awesome but are not in a position to take on the management of his dry eye condition, yet still want to help Sam and our other rescued babies, SFRA could use some help with his expenses for the period of time he is in rescue.  Please make a donation to our PayPal account by clicking on this Donate button.

or by mailing a check to 10558 Mill Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240.
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Tyler's life changed dramatically when he arrived at SFRA.  He is a puppy mill survivor who has never known the comforts of a warm bed, plenty of quality food, and human affection.  He also arrived heartworm positive.  Tyler has completed his heartworm treatment and has thrived in his foster home.  Shy at first, he warms up quickly and is just looking for that one perfect home to assure him that his new life is fully under way and is a great one!  

He has been vaccinated, neutered, and had a dental and completed his heartworm treatment.  These charges added up to a vet bill of over $900.  SFRA is in dire need of some help in paying for his veterinary costs.  If you’d like to make a donation, please send to our PayPal account (use the button below) or mail a check to 10558 Mill Road, Cincinnati, OH 45240.
ahhhh..    Sweet Jack. Jack lost his home when his owner elderly was no longer able to care for him.  And that's about all we know.   No one really took the time to  get to know Jack or his story.  His bag was packed and off he was sent to rescue.  He's proven to be an exceptionally good boy.  He's not a bigtime barker and is very chill.  Most of the day he likes to spend on his doggie pillow snoozing away.  He doesn't try to get up on the furniture so we figure he wasn't allowed in his former life.  BUT, everyone has room for a Schnauzer on their sofa, don't they?  We think he's around 7 or 8, but since those whose care he was in didn't get any information from his prior owner, we're really not sure of his birthday.  He is a very loving boy and just loves attention.  He was the star for the day at the groom shop when he had a spa day recently--so very good while he was beautified.    Jack is neutered, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and on heartworm preventative.  While he was not crate trained when he arrived, he'll settle down at bedtime and curl up for a long winter's nap in his crate.
This tiny boy is Tommy. Tommy is a survivor from a "designer" puppy mill, so he is probably not 100% schnauzer.  We are not sure what he is mixed with, but I have a hunch he is half schnauzer, half sweetheart!!  Tommy is 3 years old, is a whopping 10 pounds, and most of that is heart.  Although Tommy has had a rough start in life, he is learning how to be a great pet, and wonderful companion.  He is a little shy around humans, but is quickly learning that not all people are bad, and snuggling on the sofa is a wonderful way to live!  Because of Tommy's teeny tiny body, we are looking for a home with no children under 12.  Tommy would also like to have another doggie to play with, since other doggies help him learn how to act in his new home.  Tommy has been neutered, microchipped, is current on vaccinations, and is on heartworm preventative.  Tommy is working on his housebreaking skills, and is doing wonderful, and has NO accidents!!!!!!!!
Bruiser is an awesomely good boy who is happy playing fetch.  He is easy-going and gets along with kids.  This 6-year-old fella is neutered, up to date on all vaccines, heartworm negative and on preventative, microchipped, and ....he's housebroken!!!  He's sweet as can be and looking for that one forever home.   For more information, email his foster mom, Heather in Cincinnati, OH at heath2070@gmail.com or to complete our online application to adopt, click here.
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Simon is a terrific five year old guy.  He's been very busy stealing the ball from Bruiser during playtime in his foster home.  He's showing himself so far to be housebroken, easy-going, and gets along with kids.   Simon is neutered, up to date on his vaccinations, heartworm negative and on preventative, and microchipped.  He promises to be a very good friend and sounder of Schnauzer alarm when strangers are round.
Meet Toby!!  This little sweetheart tops the scales at a whopping 7lbs!  He is a small Schnauzer mix--mixed with what--we are not sure, but what matters is he thinks he is all schnauzer and it's what's in the heart that counts!!

He is about 3 years old and was a little shy and timid around humans at first.  You see, Toby is a survivor from a designer-type puppy mill and.....well, he hasn't had much of a chance to explore his surroundings on his own terms and become his own dog.

Once he moved in with his foster family, that all changed.  It only took a day or so for Toby's personality to peek out.  He has discovered that humans are his friends and they want to give him love and positive attention.  He now follows his humans all around the house and wags his tail as he gets to check out his surroundings. Toby's favorite discovery was the basket of doggie toys!  Now he entertains foster family as he drags out the toys one by one and tries to figure out what to do with them.

He loves to be near his humans--he wants to snuggle when you sit down to watch TV or read a book.  He also loves his furry foster sister, Heidi, and follows her around and loves to snuggle next to her when a human isn't available.

Toby would be best suited to a family with older children (12+) and with a family that has another dog that would love a small companion.  A home with a well secured fenced in yard would be in Toby's best interests as well.
This sweet soul is Will. Will is a black and white parti-colored Schnauzer.  In many peoples’ eyes, Will has had a rough life, but not Will's.  You see, Will is a puppymill survivor and, as sad as this is, Will is the happiest little dog I have ever met.  Will faces each day with wonder of things he has never known.  A kind hand, good food, a soft bed, and love.  There are many things that Will is learning, like how to walk on a leash, how to jump up on your lap, or even how to walk down stairs.  Will is working on his house breaking skills, and hasn't had any accidents.  He learns quickly and his foster mom says he is a very good boy!!  Will is missing something very important though, and that is a home of his very own.

He has been neutered, is current on vaccinations, and is on heartworm/flea preventative.  Will also has been microchipped.  If you want to learn more, contact his foster mom, Lisa in Columbus, OH at lisa_k_gray@yahoo.com.  The first step to any adoption is to complete the online application to adopt, click here to start the process.
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Recently arriving at SFRA is Lele. She is a sweetie sweetie-pie.  About 5-6 years old, Lele is a happy girl and loves to be in the middle of all the household comings and goings.  She was pulled from a shelter and we've yet to figure out how she got there--she's just such a sweetheart and absolutely loves to be with people.   Lele is up to date on all of her vaccinations, spayed, heartworm negative and on preventative.  She is looking for that one special home that she can call her's. 

If you think it might be your's, email her foster mom, Nancy in Cincinnati, OH at kismet1@fuse.net for more information.  To apply to adopt Lele, you can click here to complete the online application to adopt.  
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Skittles is just the sweetest, loveliest, bestest, lovingest, little girl ever!!! Get the idea?   She is about 7 years old and this is not Skittles' first stay with SFRA.  Love her little heart, her human mommy passed away suddenly and unexpectedly and she and her Schnauzer sister were left without homes again.  While Skittles' life has been turned upside down with the loss of her mom, she keeps her always-present up-beat outlook on life.  She is sure someone will want to take her home and give her security and lovin's furever.  In return, she gives the best cuddles and lap sits. 

If you want to know more about Skittles, contact her foster mom, Nancy in Cincinnati, OH at kismet1@fuse.net.   In order to start the adoption process, you can complete our online application found when you click here.
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DAISY---oh, sweet Daisy.   Only 7 years old, our little Daisy is once again looking for a home.  Her Mama adopted Daisy only two short years ago from SFRA and passed away unexpectedly at a young age.  Daisy is once again looking for forever love.  Her Mama was awesome and loved her and spoiled her and we want the same once more for Daisy.  She is up to date on vaccinations, spayed, heartworm negative and on preventative, and microchipped.   To learn more about Daisy, contact her foster mom, Nancy in Cincinnati, OH at kismet1@fuse.net    To adopt Daisy, the first step is to complete the online application to adopt.    Daisy is waiting for you!
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Frankie is the most loving and precious little ones you could ever hope to meet. While she resembles the Schnauzer of her mix more than not, she is a mix Schnauzer-Peekapoo. Frankie is a terrific little girl who lost her home because her people were moving and could not take the pets. She would like to find that forever home where she can just let her hair down and chew on bones, play with toys, and cuddle. Frankie is spayed, up to date on vaccinations, heartworm negative and on preventive, and is microchipped. The first step to adoption of Frankie is to complete the online application to adopt.
She is being fostered in Columbus, OH by Jenn.  For more info, you can contact Jenn at jrduffy72@gmail.com
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